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What's a 4 Star Work

At Racingwithbruno we play to win, that's what we do, and what better way to translate what we see. 4 stars is the cornerstone of how we look at ready to fire horses.

To achieve a 4 star work, a horse , must check all the boxes.

4 Star Work was designed by Racingwithbruno to easily recognize ready horses, who exhibit the talent, sharpness and that intangible quality winners display going into a race or event.

A 4 star work, as all works we view, is accompanied by an analysis of the work, and tagged with a positive note on the horse.

A 4 Star Work without comment is a 4 Star Work via the Workout Rankings, the Racingwithbruno version of the bullet work in your past performances.

Our 'Workout Rankings' rate works on a scale of horses relative to others in their peer group. We don’t just look at time, we look at maidens versus maidens and maidens working with maidens versus maidens working with more esteemed company. I’m not going to give our system away, but the rankings reliably indicate how a horse has been working in relation to its company at a particular facility.

A 4 Star Work is a 4 Star Work, no doubt, you don't have to read between the lines.


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