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What is a Delta & Zeta Figs 

DELTA and ZETA ARE the 4th and 6th letters of the Greek Alphabet. 

Zeta is also a function, in number theory, an infinite series given by. where z and w are complex numbers and the real part of z is greater than zero.


The ZETA & DELTA Figures are the result of basic concept of four handicapping factors that can affect performance. 

Bruno DeJulio has spent decades analyzing works and providing information and services to horseplayers at, but dating way back to 1988 when Bruno learned how to make his own figures, building exclusive handicapping information has been his passion.


Bruno has been working on a different kind of fig lately. Early & LateFigures, called ZETA


The DELTA Figures are a combination figure that takes into account standard handicapping tools including of speed, and class — but all of that is controlled for the conditions of the actual race in question. Whereas traditional figures best describe the past performance, DELTA Figures incorporate that information into a forward-looking figure that predicts how an entry will perform based on previous form, under the conditions of a specific race. The lowest Delta Figures are the strongest.


The ZETA figure takes into account the best early pace figure from strictly the last two races on today's surface and coverts, in connection with the surface, the early pace Delta on the main track. The Turf Zeta figure is a last fraction derived from strictly the last two races on the turf and makes the number, as in the final time Delta fig and Zeta Early Pace fig, the lower the better. 

A Zeta Delta Fig looks like this on the main:



23 - 45

The first fig is the Zeta fig and on the main track, the lower the better. 

The lower the faster early the horse is, and in this case got a 23 Zeta Pace figure and a 45 total Delta.


A Zeta Delta Fig looks like this on the turf:



33 - 45

The first Fig on the turf is the late strength of the horses finish. Thus, the 33 is the closing fig. turf racing is all about finishing and the late closing kick is the key. The 45 is the overall Delta 

We have made upgrades to the DELTA Figs of late:



DELTA followed by ‘d’ is computed off dirt race when no turf race available 

DELTA followed by ’t’ is computed off turf race when no dirt race available 

DELTA in parenthesis, '( )' is computed off race more than 90 days 



These DELTA  and ZETA figures are incorporated into all of Bruno’s products he provides at Racingwithbrunocom,,, Equibase and


The DELTA and ZETA Figures are a new generation of figures, which filtered through a lens of todays conditions becomes a strong, additional tool players may use in their race analysis, of which, we bet on ourselves.



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