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Imagine someone selling picks, the horror.

It's like watching an horror movie, if you read some of the posts on X, formerly known as twitter, its like a serial touter just murdered their picks in cold blood.

We call them 'Jason' with a hockey goalie 1960s mask, running around touting horses, a typical slasher film from the 80s.

'I know you touted horses last summer' or 'Touts! Scream!' is more like it, while at the same these people tout on their feed, thinking we don't notice it, and they even think they can get away with it.

These 'Jasons' run around the countryside, sideswapping anyone who can actually make a living at it, which is exactly why these 'Jasons' are the man version of 'Karens'.

No disrespect for anyone named Karen, its a beautiful name, and it means caring.

These 'Jasons' think they are the saviours, the healers of the industry. Jason is from Hebrew and Greek origin, it is also a very common and proud name to have, unless they literally take 'healers' and the 'lord is the salvation' to heart.

Jasons can't separate the selections from the information, one track minded to serve their own agenda, like an inside golden rail, when the horses really 3 off the inside throughout.

I am for 'To Each His Own', you want to tout, have a niche and may the consumer decide, I laughed out loud when some scribe on X refer to me in a post and said "Is he still trying to sell picks?".

Loved it 'trying'. This person was so far out of touch with reality as in the same breath actually touted a horse or two. I guess he was 'trying'.

What does that got to do with handicapping and making monies, of which is my first and foremost goal?

If you are one of those that worries about what someone else is touting or presenting, you are bound to lose, you put all your energy into what someone else is doing, and not paying attention to what you are doing (Horror music playing in the background)

Most of these people you are giving oxygen to Uncle Fester on the Addams Family.

These Uncle Festers should in no way, shape or form, be influential or simply waste your time, you are better served paying attention, in an industry that, can't time races correctly, time workouts worth a darn, make constant bad morning lines, and having trouble with simple track notations, you got a lot of work ahead of yourself. You are on your own and make better of your time to tackle those shortcomings.

I stopped watching slasher films, horror movies, as the Festers and 'Jason's' of the world poison the well for many, they gave me 'nightmares'.

You have bigger fish to fry, this is one reason of many why handicappers consistently lose, you need to have a fish fry more often, and catfish does count.

I use to worry about what someone said on Twitter, now X, that ship sailed a long time ago, because I know that Jason's or Uncle Festers are fictional characters, they don't really exist, seriously, really!

I mind my own business, I am in the information business, I want to surround myself with the right info, have the right mindset when I play the horses, I want to be the 'Gordon Gekko' where 'Greed is Good' to make a score.

Now there is a film I would watch "Gordon Gekko vs Jason at the OTB". Gordon Gekko would prevail just as Godzilla always prevails, even over King Kong with new bionic hand.

Gekko is all about business, his monies never sleeps, he is always looking for an advantage, he doesn't care what others like or do. If he likes it, that's all it matters.

Gekko would mop the floor with the Jasons at the windows, day in and day out, bionic arm for not.

Which one are you ? Gekko or the Jason ?

  • No Jason's were harmed during the writing of this blog. Jason's are entirely fictional characters not representing real life persons.


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