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Pump You Up

I am always looking for ways to pump myself up for a card, some cards are easier than others.


As I worked on the card and on the works, you get that feeling, like today's Churchill Card.


So, I summoned the help from two of my favorite characters to pump you up.



The team of Hans & Franz on the old Saturday Night live with Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon, "Pumping up with Hans & Franz'' was an hilarious popular skit in the late 80s


And, as it everywhere in the world, 'hear me now and listen to me later' can be seen on a daily basis in horse racing TV world.


A lot of fluff, a lot of words, words salads galore for handicapping vegans, but useless for the horseplayer, but don't take my word, use my words later.


As player, I want to know things that aren't mainstream media, I want exclusive info, that everyone doesn't know, not someone reciting their favorite stats.


The regurgitation of statistics in racing is at time deafening.


Players will make decisions based on stats, while clueless about the horse at hand, you actually think trainers and jockeys look at it and say "I'm good with this move or this scenario''




Trainers are looking each horse differently and using the horses body language to place them in the right race.


I have never heard a trainer say 'I'm 25% with this move'.




I have heard trainer discuss how their horses are training and where they feel their horses belong.


'Hear me now, believe this later', handicappers talk a lingo that you don't hear on the backstretch from a trainer.


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