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Keep Our Horses to Ourselves

The Georgia Satellites were a southern band from Atlanta, Georgia and hit the billboard with their first album, 'Keep Your Hands To Yourself' at Number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1986

" bout free milk and a cow

And said no hug-ee no kiss-ee until I get a weddin' vow

My honey my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf

She said don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself"

Saratoga Race Course kicks off its 2024 summer meet on Thursday, July 11 and it's worth reminding that tips are for the desperates, The Spa is a meet we keep our horses to ourselves.

"b-b-bbaby, baby baby, you got a little change in your pocket, goin' jing-a-ling-a-ling, then you want to pick up the telephone give someone else a ring, but every time you talk, you get the same old thing, no hug-ee, no kiss-ee until I give you a winn-eer. Tell them don't hand me no lines we keep our horses to ourselves."

Just this past January caught a tournament player passing out our work to his friends. He didn't think it was a big deal, until his plays are cut in half by the action, he blamed the computer generated players, I gave him no hug-ee, no kiss-ee, and put his account on the shelf.

Players don't think, they want to tell the world who they like.

I like to use a line from a real good handicapper, "I like a little of this and a little of that''. She is right.

We, at Racingwithbruno, work for our subscribers who spend their hard earned monies on the product, we take pride on offering truly exclusive information.

There is already so much touting, out loud and personal, at the spa, from the clocker booth out. Just look at morning video works and see the crowd hanging around the clockers booth and stand, you would think there is free doughnuts and coffee.

This picture entertains me, can you count how many people are actually looking at Sierra Leone working, how many are looking the opposite way, I understand its about feeling alive around other people, the social thing of it all, its wonderful, but most racegoers are hoping to just get a crumb, the name of a horse from the trainer, jock, clocker, anything really.

For some, you know its the horses, the smell in the air, its about being there, its not about betting or making monies, its about feeling like you are part of something, which is awesome.

I been there done that and still there doing that, you know the scenario, you hear the guy next to you, talk about running into the brother of the girlfriend, of the maid of a jockey, trainer, groom, foreman, take your pick, say their horse can't lose on opening day, its a scene from the opening scene of Let It Ride.

Just when you thought it was just your barber, or valet attendant, oh no, its worse.

Then what do you do, you tell your friends, I overheard some guy talking about [fill in the blank] said they can't lose on opening day and your friends will call their friends, talking 'bout a story 'bout free milk and cow'.

In horseracing keep your friends close and your enemies closer, handicappers think, they can give you nuggets for the days racing, and it works viceversa as well.

Your looking make a little change in your pocket going jing-a-ling, a-ling, and it will definitely be less and less the more you give and give.

Ah! Opening day, it even smells good with the day seared in their minds. It's like Valentines Day, you don't dare to forget roses or candies. These days have been so commercialized, opening day and weekend at the Spa, opening day at Del Mar, Keeneland, who needs birthdays and anniversaries to have to remember.

I am on a text thread with the family, and always someone starts a birthday or anniversary thread, so I am bullet proof, I can't forget the event, as my phone goes off regularly 🤢 with bells and whistles🎉🎊🍾🥂

The Spa doesn't need a text thread, players memorize it, know it, pop quiz later.

One thing handicappers forget, this horse racing thing, is all about parimutuel betting.

Parimutuel betting is all about betting against your brother, sister, cousin, in-law, talking head and of course, your barber and valet attendant. The more persons bet on a horse, odds go down, you see how that works, so keep our horses to ourselves, so don't hand me no lines and keep our horses to ourselves.

Opening day particulars:

We are all set we are going to post Thursday's opening day, with the works, Wednesday, already working on Friday and Saturday.

The workout report looks good for an opening day, as the Spa summer meet builds as the meet goes on. We have already had a good volume of works and from a number of diverse tracks not just Saratoga.

Just remember who told you the story 'bout free milk and cow, so no hug-ee, no kiss-ee until you get in the winners ring.

oh yeah! thats the other thing, everybody wants to be in the winners circle at the spa. Its like shangri-la, paradise, the red carpet, so you can put that picture on your shelf, but in the end at the Spa, don't hand out no lines, and keep our horses to ourselves.


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