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It's A Cult!

They drank the Kool-aid, absolutely determined that they are on the right side of wrong.

Its like deja vu all over again, Beyers, and Bias.

Believers in bias are irrational, illogical, all they want to see you that the inside is deeper or faster than the outside.

I believe that on certain days track can get brittle fast, and speed can be tough to run down, fastest horses do tend to gravitate torwards the inside, but also why is it a speed bias if one of the three horses up front, one goes on and the others tire. So, its a bias for one individual animal? What about the other two?


The bias cult wants you to believe that they know if a horse goes wire to wire, its a inside speed bias.

The picture below is of the 2nd race at Saratoga on Belmont Stakes day, won by Klaravich's General Partner, if you don't know Klaravich's colors of white and red, you are no handicapper, No Blog for You!

Look how far off the inside the leader is in deep blue, and General Partner, to his flank outside, down around the 4.5 pole on the backstretch.

Bias cultists want you to believe there was a speed bias, well what happened to the dark bay in blue up front, finished 2nd beaten by five lengths, guess the bias wasn't as strong for him as it was for the winner.

Bias cultists cannot handicap, they are awful, and if their horse doesn't win, they don't blame their lack of understanding of the game and ignorance, they blame the track.

If you blame the track, your bad selections have been redeemed, you are not responsible for the bad handicapping. Bias players and cultists have no accountability.

Here is the backstretch about the half mile pole of the Belmont Stakes:

The leader, three wide off the inside, is the grey, Seize the Grey, Dornoch to his outside. Mindframe outside.

Dornoch was accused of riding the bias. One cultist in post reported that Dornoch had ridden a speed bias to victory.

Well, the bias must have been biased torwards greys and Seize the Grey since he got beat by 13+ lengths and in full support of Dornoch, and Mindframe only, who ran 1-2.

'It's the track, not my picks, its the bias, not my selections, I cannot be possibly wrong'

Cultists are never wrong.

All they look at is biases and Beyers, like Beyers were brought down the mountain by Moses himself. I am not sure Moses even attended chariot races, after all, he was no Ben Hur.

Beyers are man made, fallable and subjective, just like biases, but cultlists want you to drink the kool-aid, the punch, so they are never wrong.

What kind of demented person can't say 'I was wrong', if their horse doesn't win, it's the jockey, the track, went too fast early. Well here is a novel idea "you were fucking wrong!''

All these cultists are jockey knockers too and they have never ridden a horse, maybe as a kiddo they rode the pony for $1 at the state fair while eating a fried pickle.

Shetland ponies don't count.

Cultists, obssessive, compulsive behavior with the degree of unaccountability, is rampant these days, just look at the Oreo cookies marketing propaganda. It makes you want to open the oreo and eat the cream first, doesn't it. These cults don't know when to stop.

Racing is not spared by cultist behaviors and at the top of the list is the Cultists Bias aficionados. Nothing else exists, this is why horses win or lose, its the only reason why they lose or win, unless they picked it.

If one of my staff would write me, after a 2nd race on a track, and tell me there is a bias, as the Pontiff of Racingwithbruno they woud be ex-communicated.

Hence, next time you hear some announcer tell you its a bias after two races, roll your eyes and go get you some oreos.


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