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Credits Vs All-Inclusive

I know, this isn't like Godzilla vs Ghidorah, that three headed dragon thing. It's not even Godzilla vs King Kong, even though Credits and All-inclusive cannot co-exist.

The Credits vs All-Inclusive is the most asked question when it comes down to subscriptions, so I had to act and offer some guidance especially heading into Del Mar and Saratoga.

First of all, what is a credit?

Credits are bought as a bulk package at a discount.

For example, 45 credits for $499.95, is 45 individual downloads of one (1) track for $11.11 per download, a saving of $8.84 per download. Thus, you save $397.80 for 45 downloads if you would have bought them daily on the online site at $19.95. That's a huge saving.

Credits are for those who don't play everyday. Weekend warriors, however, the site doesn't take kindly to both a credit and an All-inclusive subscription. It's like the black and white cookie Seinfeld episode.

All-inclusive is the godzilla package, you get everything daily, for one price.

For example, Don last nite bought the 6 months All-inclusive Special for $824.25. He gets all downloads for that single price, plus access to all of our databases and more for $137.38 a month, that's a saving of $162.58 a month off our monthly price.

If you purchased our yearly ALL-INCLUSIVE at $1999, you are paying $166.58 a month, and if you know me, at all, if you contact me and express desire to get a yearly, I offer a bonus discount via invoice. You get to be King Kong for the day and save monies even if you don't have that new Bionic hand he's been flashing lately.

The other question is the 'all-inclusive and credits products the same as on the online store at Racingwithbruno?'

We only make one product, the handicapping cheat sheet and attached workout report.

Ah yes, the workout report, much to my horror, I have learned over the last couple of years, some readers don't scroll past page 5. Yes, there is a full workout report after the cheat sheet.

One individual, who has been getting the downloads, wrote me one day "have you ever thought of having a full workout report?"

I wrote and re-wrote my response three times, trying to break it to him, he had to scroll past page 5. He hadn't. He wouldn't make it as a superhero monster in the world of Godzilla.

We have developed a wonderful subscriber hub in, which kicked off in November 2013. It has evolved where with your subscription to credits and all-inclusive you also get past performances with your subscription.

That's has handicappers doing the Godzilla dance, past performances as part of the package.

Yes, that is Godzilla himself doing the Safety Dance (see the Discount Dance newsletter).

My recommendations is the best value summer package is actually the 6 months ALL-INCLUSIVE subscription, it covers all the way to December 2024, which means it goes thru all the way past the Breeders Cup at Del Mar this fall for one price.

If you went with 85 credits that would only get you thru end September and end of Saratoga and Del Mar if you play everyday.

Its a titanic struggle to choose ALL-INCLUSIVE VS CREDITS, and I sincerely hope I covered all the bases for a sound decision to be made.

As some of you have gotten to know me, I try to inject humor in all we do, even if it is to try to get a point across, and I love my sci-fi movies. I just watched the Japanese, Godzilla minus one and Under Paris, the latter was about Sharks in the Seine river in Paris. Yes, that Paris.

I love having a movie on while I handicap, flipping back and forth to for videos, pps and works info.

I am an ALL-INCLUSIVE kind of guy, I love researching, digging for that one piece of info that makes me victorious over any three headed monster.


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