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Thank You for the response to blog ideas Newsletter, these are some of the responses I have received.

I have to tell you, you all are extremely dedicated to this game, its a love affair we all have.

I have it, you have it.

I love the passion you have and how you want, let's call it what it is, for the horse and racing to thrive.

I find it personally rewarding when I have a good day at the track, of course I am playing but I want you to do well.

There has been occassions where the work gets in the way of playing. So be it.

I am proud to be Racingwithbruno as you are proud to be a horseplayer.

Here is some of the responses and all of them great ideas, finding the time to write them all well, we will see.

  • Hi Bruno. With the triple crown complete, as well as all the great full cards during prep season, I started looking at past equibase charts for Del Mar. Maybe you could talk about steps you might take to prepare for a new meet? Preferred running styles, post position analysis, which trainers typically start fast, which barns ship in with success, etc. I try to focus on things that I can't run queries on using formulator.  Best regards, Randy B

  • "The Memories We Leave Behind ….. Need to be shared  to honor the people , horses and places that built the foundation of this beautiful game before everyone forgets them . The closing of Golden Gate Fields , Hollywood park and Fairplex park has been heartbreaking to watch . From Russel Baze , Jerry Holendofer , Harry Henson , Bill Shoemaker , Fernando Toro etc etc all the greats of the game that built Calif horse racing need to be honored and remembered". - Mark K

  • Topics: Importance of a horses foot especially horses with lighter feet who use glue on shoes, D bit or ring bit, when not working out horses schedule such as jogging, galloping, walking or tack walking. Scott W

  • Blog Ideas : I sense you are not a fan of betting Trifectas . When was the last time you bet one and why ? Same question for DD and Pick 3s . Barns that have historically bet (in addition to Julio Canani).   Difference between stewards in different states .... NY seems incompetent ; KY inflexible , stubborn , secretive . FL ?? CA ?? LA ?? AR ?? Taylor G

  • Hello Bruno    Potential blog topics.        1. Whatever your favorite betting angles are.  My favorite betting angle is first time 3yr old after 1 or 2 starts as a 2yr old and subsequent layoff.   Many times their first starts as a 2yr old can be negatively eventful.  Subsequently their drf form looks bad.  The time between 2 and 3yr old season is by far the biggest potential for growth and improvement.  Bettors see the poor form and many times the odds reflect the horse from 6-8 months ago and not the horse that he or she is today.  Current excellent workouts tout that he or she is a different horse today.   Case in point...see 13th race Saratoga 6/8/24.  Downtown Channel hadn't raced since an off-the-turf debut 10 months prior.  First time turf bred by turf sire English Channel ridden by top jockey no less...$44 winner.  Racing a horse ''into shape" seems overrated in todays racing. It seems like if the horse has talent the trainers have them ready first time off the layoff.    2.  Insider views of the future of the sport.  I grew up in So. Cal and the memories of a great sport are indelible in my brain.  Hate to see         the current state of affairs with track closures, small field size, medication issues, lack of cohesion, no steward consistency, etc.etc. Rick T

  • Not sure if it's blog worthy or not. And yes I will open myself up to your criticism because that's what I like about you, your tell it like I see it opinions.  The difference between males and females and their respective form cycles, needing more time between races or any differences other than the obvious.  Is there any way to tell if a horse will improve or decline from 2 to 3, or 3 to 4. I'm not as much interested in receiving anything for free but would like to say that I've enjoyed your perspective on horse racing and your blogs and podcasts. Karl

  • Blog on using the “Tide Forecast” to help handicap Del Mar! P.C

  • I would like to know who the best Jockeys are around the country.  Im not talking about the leading jocks like Ortiz and Prat etc., but second tier jockeys who are not in the top of the standings.  I would like to know what their good abilities are and why they should be considered when on a horse. I like finding horses with these type of jocks because you can get a much fairer price at the window than if a top jock was riding. Thanks for all the blogs and videos.  I love learning more all the time at my young age of 65.Sincerely Kirk C.

  • I don't know how easy it would be to turn this into a blog, but now that you are returning to CA for the summer, I think the question on a lot of people's minds is "how long can CA trainers and owners continue to bear higher training costs than KY/FL/AR/NY? while running for smaller purses than those states. What's the mood of CA horseman and owners? How many are thinking about the economics and maybe considering relocating? How long can SA keep running a never ending stream of 7 horse fields? Thomas Mc

  • Blog Idea: 1) In your notes you often mention when a “barn is heating up”. How can you tell if a barn is “cooling off” before it becomes obvious in the published statistics. 2) Do we give too much or too little value on where a jockey rides, not only in the big races but the day to day races. Just a couple things I often wonder. Joe “James” H

Let me give you some insight on my blog writing exploits, i'll be mulling a situation or an event and my mind runs off, I buck the rider and off I go.

So, in the next few weeks and months you may see out of the blue pop up one of your ideas, and the blog is dropped.

It isn't perfect but it's how I function.

I consider myself one of you, I am handicapper, first and foremost, turned to clocking, and later my own business owner.

I am going to use a Yogi Berra-ism to give you a little insight before I say goodnight:

'Love is the most important thing in the world, but horse racing is pretty good', 'handicapping is ninety percent mental, the other half luck', 'in racing you can observe a lot by just watching', if you sweating out a photo 'it ain't the heat, it's the humility'.

I bet you didn't know Yogi Berra hit a homerun in first game of his career. Joe Dimaggio just stared at Yogi Berra when he returned to the dugout. Yogi looked over and said "What? I can hit homers too.''

I bet Yogi Berra was a horseplayer. I really do, we are in good company.


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