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Scroll down to Saturday and you will see the DOWNLOAD BUTTON for Gulfstream and Santa Anita. 

What does LQQK, FQLLQW and EXOTIC KEY mean:

Handicappers sometimes need billboards, cue cards, neon lights or someone in a German accent shining a light into your eyes, "Ve ha vays to make you talk".

So, Racingwithbruno designed a way to not only get the attention of the player, but to keep it. Well, almost.

An old girlfriend used to always say that she "could walk naked through the race book in Vegas and maybe one horseplayer would stop her to ask whom she liked in the next at Santa Anita.

Horseplayers can be full cup, tongue tie, front wraps on when it comes down to playing a horse. You have to have the ability to not only show the 'player water but make him drink it. 

One of my fave stories was a gentleman in the Turf Club at Santa Anita always stopped me and asked me to call him if I had something good. 

Yeah OK, let me call whatever his name was and give him a horse, that'll never happen, and here is why:

A few weeks later I ran into him and I really liked a horse, so I told him, 'Hey man, I like the 3 horse in the 4th,'' typical way to deliver the information, he looks at me with a befuddled, confused look "but I heard the 5" and walks away. That's why I rarely give horses out to strangers and I don't call anyone, either.

I got, one more, don't go anywhere.

There was older gentleman, that every time I watch The Walking Dead on AMC, it reminds me of him. He was the kind of guy that would like he was ready to fall down, but when he had to get to the window, this guy had some serious strides. 

He was always up in my grill, 'give me a horse", "give me a winner,'' or the old guilt trip "you never give me anything".

One morning, 5 AM, Santa Anita, I am walking in to the track, by the Front Runner escalators, its dark, and its very quiet, and I hear, 'give me a winner', and here comes the 'zombie from the bowels of Santa Anita. 

I gave him Joy Scott, on a 50-1 in the last, give him a loser and get rid of the guy, once for all, its like loan someone money that you want to get rid of. 

Would you believe it? Joy Scott brought the horse home at 45-1. Couldn't get rid of the guy, and now every Sunday, he's on my TV at 9pm on AMC. 

So, we have designed some ways to get your attention: 

LQQK. It's simple look at this horse. The two QQ are designed to have the system pick it up as a special character and highlight in red, or blue, or pink whatever it takes to get your attention. It's that simple, seriously.

EXOTIC KEY, is another attention grabber, it tells you to use the horse in your exotics, vertical, horizontal, whatever you do at the windows, use this horse.

FQLLQW, another QQ note, and that tells our system to put this horse in our stable mail,

FQLLQW THE HORSES. We use this FQLLQW to tell you to follow the horse. It's another eye catching, red, blue marker for you to pay attention to.

KEY is simply, you know what Key means, It's a Key horse in the race.

We each have our own way to talk or read the products and the exclusive Racingwithbruno

LQQKs & KEYs can help you select the right horse.


Our rankings rate works on a scale of horses relative to others in their peer group. We don’t just look at time, we look at maidens working with maidens versus maidens working with more esteemed company, etc.

THE RACINGWITHBRUNO BULLET WORK is the horse, gender, and age sensitive, that is outworking by time all others of his peers.

We match up two-year-olds vs two-year-olds time wise only at 4f or longer works.

As the two -year old develop during their two-year-old season we tend to use 5f works and longer for our own brand of Bullet Work

For those who want exclusive information, the Racingwithbruno team shakes the bushes at dawn to provide clients with independent, qualitative observations of works at primary tracks where we have boots on the ground. Anyone can access the date, distance, time, and where the time of a particular work falls in relation to others at that distance on that day—our workout analysis is based on years of observations and experience and is the kind of information you won’t get anywhere else.

DELTA Figures:

The fourth letter in the Greek Alphabet and the name of our figure that combines the four handicapping factors that can lead to a winning performance. Three years in the making, the DELTA Figures are a combination figure that controls for the conditions of today’s race. The lower the number the better chance for success in the field.

DELTA Figs are the latest handicapping tool from Racingwithbruno.

Workmates in the workout report will now be BOLD and ALL CAPS, plus their latest Delta will be added:

Roco Rojo (22Δ) working on the turf with Waki Island (26Δ) finished in.....

As you read report you will be able to see the class level or current form ability of the ability. Additionally, you can click on the horse name and you will be what we have for the workmate over that time period. Another great feature with your BrunoWiththeWorks

Workout Rankings:

Racingwithbruno developed a system for ranking workouts and tested it at the windows, honing the formula through months of trial and error. In the beginning, the rankings were constructed by hand. It was time consuming. Once we developed an algorithm it became a product we could offer to out clients and allowed us to produce rankings for any track across the country. Our rankings rate works on a scale of horses relative to others in their peer group. We don’t just look at time, we look at maidens working with maidens versus maidens working with more esteemed company, etc. I’m not going to give our system away, but the rankings reliably indicate how a horse has been working in relation to its peers at a particular facility.

RacingwithBruno makes every effort to provide our clients with complete and accurate information. As an independent source of clocking information we are not affiliated with official track clockers and cannot ensure that we will catch every horse on the official work tab. We make every effort to catch as many horses as possible, but as we also provide our clients with qualitative analysis of works, not just times, we must balance quantity with quantity every morning.

SEE the Works Yourself Thanks to XBTV 

*All videos Courtesy of XBTV  Check out XBTV for the latest video works across the country.

All works notes and analysis will appear in our With The Works report and products for Saturday. 


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