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You Can't Ride in my Little Red Wagon

That's right, if I ever have a good three-year-old most of y'all would never ride in my little red wagon.

The bandwagon is getting past full on Nysos, until next week as the Sam F Davis is set to renew, or the week after, the 17th, with the Risen Star, at Fair Grounds, or the Rebel on the 24th at Oaklawn Park.

By that time, 'the front seat's broken and the axle's dragging'

Leading up to the Saturday Triple Crown Preps was all about Fierceness, Fierceness, Fierceness, until he fell flat on his face, now its Nysos, Nysos, Nysos.

That is the world today, immediate gratification, the need to coronate the best, today, until something better comes along.

We didn't pick Fierceness 1st or 2nd, we went with him 3 deep and he finished third. We loves Hades, his last effort was amazing, I jumped on his little red wagon and took the front seat at 9-1.

While TV Track pundits where busy kissing Repole and Fierceness patootie, later to throw kerosene on all the money he burned going off at 1/5.

But no fear, Nysos is here so just can leap from one wagon to another.

I love the road to the Triple Crown and watching all the hopscotching going on every single week. Every year.

As far as jumping bandwagons, we are pretty steady, we don't hopscotch around every week like a bouncing pez dispenser. We take our wagon as far as we can.

But that's just who I be

And you're just trying to slow this rolling stone

But I'm on to you,

So guess what?

Ah, ah, you can't ride in my little red wagon


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