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We Bad!

Today's horsesplayer is much different than lets say, five or even 10 years ago.

Much has changed, and for some horseplayers they have been doing the moonwalk in IQ.

You look at the Derby now, its all about what you read on social media, some individual horses, fans, are all bombarded with absurd opinions, pictures, videos and what else people can muster to make themselves be noticed.

If you like a horse that doesn't have videos of their works, its like it never happened.

Trainers will say outlandish things, like they 'can't lose', while their horse is short striding and refusing to change leads in gallops.

That's why we do our own videos.

There are videos of horses, not traveling sharply, they are sound, just not sharp, lethargic, showing they are maybe over the top, with the caption: "Looks awesome"

The reality is 99% of these individuals couldn't tell if a horse had two tails and five legs.

Add the reliance on speed figures, and the incessant stubborn practice of relying on those numbers like they were brought down from Mt Sinai by Moses himself, is exactly why i call today's horseplayer a Sergeant Schultz.

Yes, our old friend from Stalag 13.

If you know anything, all you have to do is scroll thru social media platforms and read the comments.

I do it as a source of entertainment, now I get it, we all say or post stupid things, me included, but if I ever get that bad or that desperate for attention, just throw me in the soup at Belmont Park construction site. If I get that bad, please, put me next to Jimmy Hoffa.

People, nowadays recite stats and figures like they are reciting Shakespeare.

Shakespeare made that shit up, allegedly, and figures are man made, subjective, but yet, its like a bible verse, gospel.

"John 8:31-32 ESV - The Truth Will Set You Free", is my favorite verse in any book, because its true, nowadays the truth is a slippery slope of banana and plantains peels, greased with WD-40. .

People don't make connections, they don't connect the dots, they simply follow the herd.

A good handicapper is that Border Collie or Australian shepherd, that is in charge of the herd, the voice of reason, mantaining order and organizingchaos.

If you are one of those, who believe in the mighty messiah of speed figures, social media, you are barking up the wrong fig tree.

The greatest handicapping tool on Derby week, is only second to dappled out horses, the bath shot.

I wouldn't want anyone taking pictures of me taking a bath, being scrubbed in delicate places, what the ^#$^ is all the furor over bath shots.

I am waiting to hear someone is going to bet a horse in the Derby because they scrubbed his huevos a little extra today.

The good horseplayers are heard of not seen and even better nowhere to be seen or heard from until after the fact when they are collecting their prize, and the beauty of this game, at the track, everybody has to watch you do it.

You ever seen a guy collect at the track, and I mean collect, people wonder who he is and what he bet?

You be that guy, and have that strut as you walk away from windows, with a ton of cash in your pant pocket.

That's who I want to be on Derby week.


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