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Winning Horseplayer

What's awesome about the year is that was accomplished with a total of $33,600 of deposits into my Twin Spires account.


Deposits: $33,600

Total Wagered: $107,675.20

Total Payoff: $117,185.70

ROI: +2.16


The KEY is understanding where to play, play where you have an advantage, to me, personally, there is no advantage at Gulf or Aqueduct. None.


At Fair Grounds, Keeneland, Churchill Downs, we are the only info in town. We are playing against the droves who know nothing.


There is a huge divide in exclusive and mainstream info.


Mainstream info is widely known information, everybody sees the same stats, the same figs, the same clocker reports, and get the same word of mouth.


Our exclusive info is only available to our subscribers and clients, we don't give it away to thousands of people like the competition does.


Thus, it's of paramount importance to even the subscribers to not pass around our Intellectual Property.


Horseplayers are funny, they want a price but they want to pass around and tell people who they like, with the "don't tell anybody'' attached, but yet share the tools that does offer info to others.


It goes against everything Parimituel racing is.


I firmly believe that most horseplayers do not know what parimutuel betting is and then wonder why their horse is crushed.




Yes, some of you can't seem to get away from the Gulf and its constantly eroding winter meet, or the NY racing soap opera.


I have cut way back my involvement in those two circuits, I will map out a daily number of races I am interested in at Gulf, Sunday, had info on a first timer from Keeneland, On Command, got hammered anyway to 5/2 as the word was out and every clocker, and there are more than 15 around Florida, touting.


Horses ran 2nd to an impromptu front runner for a trainer that no one knows.


Imagine if that first timer was working in Florida, they all know, they all share, thus the short prices.


You can't win that way especially if you have an affinity for prices. You won't get any, nada, zero.


We came up with a 43-1 last week on Thursday at Fair Grounds, and made my holiday shopping with it.


I was asked recently what's the key to being a winning horseplayer:


"the only way to win is to use information that is NOT found in the pages of your past performances"


Everybody can read past performances, but not everybody can read a horse.


All of you want to win, you don't want to give your hard earned dollars away, so do something about in 2024.


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