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When it Rains it Pours

Mother Nature must have been pissed off at the picture perfect weather we had last weekend, and what a great weekend it was or maybe it was I?

This week, at least through Wednesday and Thursday it has been biblical rains here in Kentucky, in fact, the whole midwest through the panhandle.

I should learn to not refer to events in biblical terms, but, no worries, we are professionals.

Been there, done that!

July 25, 2014, at Saratoga, I made a twitter, biblical, reference to Abraham winning Race 6 that day and knocking me out of a pick 4.

It was a beautiful day up until that tweet, then all of a sudden ominous clouds rolled in.

'Boom' lightning strikes 50 yards from me, striking a tree in the backyard at the Spa.

Two days earlier a similar event had taken place, I had nothing to do with that, I swear to God.

Mother Nature showed us her worse side. She really doesn't like the Spa at times.

Maybe its me, maybe Mother Nature or even the big guy is a horseplayer and I gave him some bad horses, who knew?

No one was injured, thank goodness, but I should have gotten the message.

I didn't.

Fast forward a couple of years later, at Gulfstream Park, and once again, I ventured into the grey area, with another tweet, referring to the 'parting of the Red Sea'.

You guessed it, 'No bueno'. Again, all hell broke loose with some sort of bru-ha-ha, about the tweet.

When will I ever learn to not piss off Mother Nature or make biblical references, but here I go again, I think they are building the Ark here in Kentucky with all these rains.

Of course, I never learn, and I am sure I will do it again, but there are consequences, for some reason yesterday, our Video Workout Database had some issues, out of the blue.

We have identified the problem, and are working to fix it. We had updated through the 9th of April when the problem surfaced.

The workout comments are there just not being able to process the videos and when restored will include through the 9th.

We are working diligently to get it repaired. We believe there was update that changed our code, Thank God it wasn't in way shape or form, a divine intervention.

Oopsies, there I go again.

The weather outlook is good for the weekend, I think we may still the Maker's Mark on tomorrow, Friday April 12th, stay tuned.

The Grade One Gamble tournament should be played under the sun, fast and maybe good to firm.

Just keep me away from social media platforms thru the weekend.

Opening weekend at Keeneland was awesome for us and our players.

I even visited the Keeneland Prayers room, yes there is such a thing , to get a blessing.

Last spring we were clicking at 31% strike rate with our top choices.

Before you know it, judgement day for Three-year-olds on the first Saturday in May will take place. This may be a fun 150th renewal of the Kentucky Derby.

'Judgement day?', Duh I never learn. So help me God!


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