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I have had some luck at the sales, the biggest achievement was turning a $17K short yearling, Dialed In filly, into a $1.7 million dollar horse, Ms Locust Point.

I never see the same thing twice in a horse, I look for movement, attitude and mental capacity, I believe in pedigree but its not at top of my list, the individual is.

Pedigree doesn't take care of crooked and offset joints, pedigree doesn't cure bad knees or soft hind ends. If they walk badly they travel badly at the track, but a good mover through the knees can overcome some conformational flaws below.

How they move through their knees is extremely important and a deal breaker for me.

How they push from behind is high on my list and working with my Vet on the radio graphs and what do they show can make or break the whole deal.

Also, the feet, the hooves are very important, blacksmiths are crafty at hiding flaws in the foot and in comformation. I have learned from the best, and watching specifically how their feet land and where, is KEY in my decision at auctions.

The Video is of HIP 240 who sold for $380,000 at the recently conducted Fasig Tipton.

I definitely like her body and how she pushes off from behind but also see things that I don't like.... It's all in the eye of the beholder.

We simply don't stare and bid, there is a whole process.

I choose this filly since she was withdrawn from sale.

I saw things that immediately pushed me away, hence, why she was withdrawn. What do you see?

Constitution is red hot and surely you must wonder when you see a Constitution baby go for $28K. The pedigree looks OK, what is it?

Look up front on the going away from you view and the head on view as it walks towards the camera. Nature hasn't been kind here. She is on the lighter frame, but the connections paid accordingly to what we see.

All are not so evident and that's where you know what you are willing to take a risk on. It's all what you and you trainer are willing to live it. I am stubborn on certain issues, it's my pas-a-dena for me, if I can't live with it.

This is a $70K purchase is from the first crop of Malibu Moon out of the MAID ON A MISSION, mare

Nice looking NY bred has a good push behind and overreach, liked quite a few things, his size is one question and it may have had something to do with the final auction price.

I like the Classic Empire foals, and have found myself looking at them numerous times. I enjoy looking at a good looking foals and try to solve a puzzle.

My vet helps me assess what I see and answers questions of what might be a potential major issue on the horizon. Yes your vet can help you understand what you see.

Find out more from me and let's see if we can score a runner and another Ms Locust Point.

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