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There's No Crying in Horse Racing

Lord have Mercy, horse players are a hot mess.

They bitch more than a mother in law, cry more than infant at night, throw temper tantrums, throw themselves on the floor and those are the grown men while playing a parimutuel game.

Santa Anita canceled yesterday, you would think players would appreciate and applaud the fact, they can play a big card on Sunday, but NO000000000!

The level of bitching and unhappiness is staggering, like their life depended on Santa Anita to run on Saturday.

Spoiled, rotten brats, crying no Santa Anita today because of rain, that's because they are so fond of off the turf and multiple scratches. NOT!

If they had run, the same crybabies would be hissing and spitting that they should have canceled.

Let's call a spade a spade some of these horse racing Twitter X scribes are just incorrigible,

They cry about losing, everybody is cheating, if their horse doesn't win, 'it's rigged', if they win, they didn't bet enough, or didn't pay enough, the "CRWs this, CRWs that'.

So let me ask when are you fucking happy?

The answer is never because you got to bitch and cry. That's the only way you feel alive.

I learned a long time ago, there's no crying in horse racing.

Take the good with the bad, learn, grow, become better by applying yourself to get the answers, bitching about it does no good. It's a waste of time.

The same day to day complainers about everything, who cry at the drop of a hat, are one and the same that lollygag when they handicap, scouring social media for their plays, they lollygag watching full replays, not just the stretch posted on social media, they lollygag to watch video works or even try too remotely read a workout report and not only refer to the rating.

They lollygag to watch the races live themselves, strictly looking in the right hand corner for the splits. The worse of handicappers watch the splits and not the race, watch the splits and not the horses, and then immediately make a snap judgement on the pace being too fast, too slow. If that's what you do, you deserve to cry, you are awful, but that's actually a prerequisite to actually taking responsibility for your own actions.

Lollygaggers only care about bitching, it makes them feel important, but it's all about having an excuse for futility.

You think any one of us that sees you as a lollygagger or petulant child throwing tantrums would actually ever listen to anything you say?

If you want to be respected, shut the fuck up with the bitching.

If you want to be respected, take responsibility for a bad selections or a bad play. Be the first to say I was wrong.

Some of you make the same mistakes, over and over, daily, weekly, in your sleep, when you are awake, year after year, how can you play the races and never win, and still play?

You make no effort to learn, bitch about touts, bitch about clockers.

We have to live with you, because after all in a parimutuel game we take your monies at the windows, and we thank you for it.

That's all I gotta say about that!


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