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The Gulf coast of Florida is turning the newest version of Jaws, with the authorities closing the beaches.

Our friend Paul K Sherwin and his imaginary friend 'Pensacola Bob' have been onsite playing Sheriff Brody and Quint, its unclear who's who as an imaginary friend, as they can be anyone they want be.

Sherwin and I came up with this character Pensacola Bob, a bad handicapper that thinks ticket structure is a candy wrapper, that is just discarded like trash.

Yes, you could compare him to the guy who has tagged everyone and their grandparents on Horse Racing Twitter, X, formerly known as Twitter, with his tickets.

$2400 Pick 6 ticket, $800 pick 5 ticket, $1200 Pick 4, and he sends them out so proudly, tagging myself, Jeff Siegel, the President of Slovenia, you name it.

These tickets are so badly structured, but yet, so large he is bound to hit.

It reminded me of the absurdity but comical SNL skit 'Landshark' in the 1975 on Saturday Night Live.

Paul and his imaginary friend are scouring the beaches of Pensacola, looking for the shark(s) but they might need a bigger boat, just like that 'Landshark' on X, formerly known as twitter preying on handicappers with his idiotic ticket structured yatch.

Bragging about the big tickets he has hit is nothing but an self adulation ploy to get likes and retweets. I am surprised he hasn't put his Ampullae of Lorenzini in a selfie with the tickets.

Maybe, just maybe, its all a rouse, 'a candygram' or 'plummer' ploy to open the proverbial door and get attention from you.

'Ticket Structure' is about maximizing your dollars and keying the right sequence for a winning ticket.

A winning ticket wins because of your handicapping, the ticket structure maximizes your play, ticket structure itself can make you an imaginary winner, but in reality, you have to pick winners.

Being impressed about a score on X, on a $900 or $1800 ticket, you might as well answer the door for that candygram, telegram or 'plummer'.

Sherwin and Pensacola Bob, his imaginary friend, put in tickets together all the time, and they do quite well. Sherwin splits the tickets with 'Bob', he even told me yesterday he bailed him out of jail.

Sherwin swims in the waters of Pensacola, but Paul or Bob are not the kind of guys that will look at the Landshark putting in those big tickets and be impressed.

This isn't like the saying "You in the water, shark in the water'.

Coming across the Landshark on X, can happen on your phone, on your laptop, anywhere but in the water.

I am not impressed, as a matter of fact, I have to fight back the urge to take that proverbial hammer and smack him, proverbially, not literally, in the nose.

It's idiotic, annoying, but to each his own, this is how this guy gets his kicks, selling an eskimo a snow cone and thinking hes .gonna' get rich.

Ticket structure is identifying a race, you believe you have a strong opinion, and building around it, but it has to be realistic, its not like putting lotto numbers in and wishing for the best.

I am sure I am not alone in the annoyance of having this guy tagging half the horse racing twitter with his tickets, in reality, we are his imaginary friends, his Pensacola Bob.

We don't give a shit, knock yourself out, but keep us out of it.

Overall, as lesson for other players, and I am including copycatters, this is not the way to play the races, tickets.

Paul and his imaginary friend, Pensacola Bob, would agree.

I am hoping they can find this guy and throw him in the deep end of the shark infested zone, proverbially not literally.


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