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We have learned that Laz's Kryptronite is Julien Leparoux in the 'Best Ciccio Ever blog'.

Who's your kryptonite? considering most horseplayers think they are Superman when in reality, real life Clark Kent's without super powers.

We can imagine being that betting window super hero, but some will always only be Lex Luthor's inept henchman Otis in Superman (1978) played by Ned Beatty, where you wonder out loud 'how does that brain generate enough power to keep his lips moving?'

Most horseplayers do have the super power to open the tallest past performances in one single bound, reciting "all the winners are right here''.

"All you need is the form'', is their battle cry, they are not wrong, but they are lacking one thing, the ability to pick that winner.

They just can't muster up that X ray vision, crush that boulder of burden and select a winning horse for once.

We all know those 'dudes' that when they step in between the lines they trip over the chalk outline of their previous demise.

Handicappers are a funny group.

"I had the 3 with the 4, 4 with the 5, 6 with the 3, but no 4 with the 6, I am an idiot!" cries a bettors, his handicapping buddy looks at him and replies "Who you like in the next?"

I would wear a mask around those individuals because I don't want to be infected with what they got.

About the guy who consistently complains about a track, about a rider, about a trainer. That's the guy who never wins, win or lose, they always got a story.

My favorite one, is the player going to Vegas to bet a specific game, only to realize that the game started an hour before you got in the sports book because you were at the blackjack table. Of course, your team wins and you lose every other bet you make that day.

That horseplayer or sports player blames his 'luck'.

Seriously, how about the brother tag team that screams and yells about cheating trainers constantly on social media, only to have their own trainer be sanctioned and suspended for positives, or in their own words cheating.

You can't make that up.

That's noise, noise you don't need in your life if you love handicapping horses.

Noise is my kryptonite, like Amy Kearns "HR" tells me all the time, you are ruining my 'Zen' when I complain a little loudly to our Human Resources dept run by Amy herself.

Noise from horseplayers can pollute your mind. Yes, your mind, soul and your zen.

If you hang around losers you become a loser, its a culture thing, you think you are Clark Kent with super powers, but in reality you are Barney Fife with only one bullet in your shirt pocket.

How about all these people doing podcasts now?

I don't want to hear some 'schmear tell me how to be a successful gambler, I don't know if they can balance their own checkbook, or calculate ROI.

Now do a podcasts on the following topics and I might listen:

  1. Embarrassing moments YOU experience at the track

  2. Annoying habits of Handicapping buddies

  3. Most ridiculous horseplayer behaviors

  4. Strange things Horseplayers do

  5. Weirdest eating habits horseplayers have

  6. Funniest lie horseplayers ever told their buddies: "I won"

  7. Hilariously bad Handicappers names: 'Cinch" or "Jimmy The Hat" and "Jimmy the Mouth''

  8. Wild rumors about Handicappers

  9. Strange things people do but won’t admit when they gamble

  10. Weirdest fears people have when they gamble

  11. Most awkward interactions with another Handicapper

  12. Funniest first date disasters at the track

  13. Hilarious horror stories at the track

  14. Strange things Horseplayers secretly do

  15. Weirdest things horseplayers do on vacations

  16. Funniest lies told on handicapping posts

  17. Wildest excuses for losing horseplayers

  18. Strange habits people have at the windows

  19. Weirdest things people do when they do win

  20. Funniest celebrity encounters at the track.

That in a nutshell is the life of a handicapper.

Handicapping and the racetrack is in reality freedom, freedom from everyday life, you can be a 'Cheeseburger' [Let it Ride] one day to Superman the next, you are neither but can be both.

There is no such thing as being the best but you can be sure you can be the worst any given day.

Outsiders don't get it, they are used to do their dinners with friends and do the small talk, or that 'Seinfeld' episode 'yada yadda' discussions, but us horseplayers can have something in common with a stranger who can be that 'Kramer'.

You can meet 'Rondre the Giant' at the track, or hang out with movie stars like Shia LaBeouf, or hang out with a major leaguer, or hockey player, or even that dude from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

Where else can you do that? Where can you reference yourself as Superman, or even an action hero. Where does Kryptonite come in in your handicapping, only one place, The Track.


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