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Updated: Apr 1

Our All Inclusive and credits subscription is a great way to enjoy the races. You, the handicapper have a site exclusively for your subscriptions.

Your subscription allows you to access site and all its features:

The Workout DatabaseReports and Sheets Section, FQLLQW THE HORSES and our Interactive Race Card are just a few worth mentioning. 

Workout Database: Type in the name of the horse you want to search. You can use the drop down menu to get reports that go back all the way to lifetime records. Everything we have ever had on the horse of your choice is at your fingertips.   

See why the All-inclusive Access is the best value and best kept secret in the racing industry, and some of you want to keep it that way. 

There is more information in this site than you will find anywhere else. 

You can view a horse's history on file and see who the horse ran against in recent races. You can click on those horses, and see their histories as well. 

The Workout Database offers a view of all horses in our system.

The Reports and Sheets section is where you get your products. When we post a Workout Report or Handicapping Sheet (includes Workout Report) it is posted here in this section. You also have access to the Past Performances and the Interactive Race Card. 

Racingwithbruno purchases the Brisnet past performances with the understanding and courtesy of Brisnet that you can get them FREE

THE FQLLQW THE HORSES feature, located top right hand corner, next to your login, is a terrific and underused feature. You can enter up to 50 horses and anytime we add any information to the database or produce a product with THAT horse featured it will automatically send you an email. It is our Stable Mail feature.

Also, you can add a track, like I added Churchill Downs, when a product for Churchill Downs is posted it automatically alerts you via email. So when the Derby product is posted you get an email it is ready for download. 

The INTERACTIVE RACE CARD is our version of the Formulator. You can see all the information on a race, by simply clicking on Show All Reports, including delta figures, workouts, pedigree and auction info and selections. You can view how a horse breezed at a 2yo in training sale, or the pedigree page, plus you can go back to as far as lifetime records. 



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