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Handicapping Short Shorts

I don't like sitting around and eating chocolates, we don't like sitting around resting on our laurels, I always have to move, move forward, do more, we can have 5 of 10 in a card with top choices and I am still not happy.

I am always looking at how can we do it better, how can we offer more.

When I put my hard earned money down I expect something in return, I expect value.

I feel the same with Racingwithbruno WiththeWorks.

I often ask myself if I was a horseplayer what am I looking for ?

The number one answer is consistency.

a.) Consistently having your products out on a daily basis.

b.) Consistently offering value for the player, a true representation of what they will see on the track.

c.) Exclusive info, having even the slightest of nuggets that can be valuable at the windows.

d.) Generating fresh new exclusive info for the player everyday

e.) All of the above on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

I am aware that this is not a list most handicappers look for. Some players are stuck in their own world of same old, same old, same figures, same bias beliefs and most of all same old mainstream media available to every one else. Those players are ripe for the taking.

Parimutuel betting is built on the ability to pick winners and picking winners that majority doesn't have, thus creating value for the winner. If everyone has the same info then we would have short prices all day long. See Gulfstream current meet, for an example.

To create prices you must have stupid or dumb money in the pools, and being creative enough and having access to exclusive info to generate value plays.

To be brutally honest, some players are geared to 'want to bet' in contrast to 'wanting to win' and being smart about it.

I see the same characters day in and day out, making the same mistakes year after year, the Triple Crown is a great example.

So what am I going to do about it ?

Starting next week we will have a 15 minute handicapping "shorts" podcast.

In the 15 minutes, weekly we will cover a handicapping lesson, bias, speed, figures, works, pedigree, pace, and more.

Stay tuned for the first episode to air next week.


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