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Fireworks on 4th of July

It's never a dull moment, as this industry continuously fails to heed the fireworks warning labels.

There is no adult supervision, for starters, in this industry.

Did you see the latest ?

Seriously folks.

Yikes is right.

We have managed to stick an M-80 up our arse and lit the fuse.

We just can't get out of our own way. We stumble and bumble along, and spend all our time putting out fires, here I am thinking the racing corporation mentality would want their product, especially one meet like Saratoga, to be accessible to ALL, but what do I know?

I have seen and heard this before, when Frank Stronach bought Santa Anita, many moons ago, and pulled the signal in 2001 and had no outlet for his Gulfstream Park and Santa Anita races, he didn't read the warning label and set off explosives in his own backyard.

We just never learn, we as a society keep making the same mistakes, we forget, we have amnesia.

We are also rekindling the battle cry of synthetic surfaces, forgetting the history of synthetics in Callfornia. I lived thru that mandate that forced all the tracks to go to polytrack.

To add insult to injury, shortcuts and cost cutting measures that created more issues with the surface compositions themselves.

As horseplayers we need to adapt and adapt we must. So, NYRA wants to withhold their signal from TVG/Fan Duel, we as horseplayers are forced to find alternative ways, then so be it.

If I want to watch the races, I do not watch Fan Duel/TVG, NYRA bets, etc.

I watch the races on Racetrack Networks, at, I also have it on my Smart Roku TV, and get all the tracks plus replays for $15 a month.

I don't want to be part of blackouts and corporate wars. I want to play the races and not have to deal with the baggage.

I play on Twin Spires, watch on Racetrack Network.

We, the players, are the lifeline of the game, we promote the game, we support the game, yet there is little respect, its the old 'Treat 'em like mushrooms, keep 'em in the dark and feed us bullshit'.

I refuse to fall into that category.

In my position, I have heard from tracks that love the support and publicity we offer through our own products, videos and others have flat showed us they don't appreciate us at all.

I don't give a flying hoot if they don't appreciate us, I could care less that some don't like what we do, I only care about what Racingwithbruno subscribers appreciate, and our mission statement to put them in a position to suceed in the game they absolutely love and cherish.

If you educate the player, if you feed the player with good information it comes back tenfold. You'd think right?

An educated player is a player that will put more monies through the windows. It's a fact.

Give a man/woman a fish and they eat tonight, teach him/her to fish and they will eat for a lifeitme, that to me is setting off fireworks.


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