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Updated: 7 days ago

I thought I was home down the lane with Mindframe.

I believed that the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby was a fast-slooooowwww race shape.

I didn't like Sierra Leone and his bad habits, despite new bit, new rider, blah blah blah, wide trip, blah blah blah, I didn't fancy.

He had a monster set up in the Derby and cost himself or Forever Young the Derby victory.

I felt Mystic Dan, who did nothing wrong in the Derby wasn't good enough in the Preakness and he wasn't going to be good enough to win the Belmont.

Resilience had a perfect trip in the Kentucky Derby, inherited the lead and hung on the first Saturday in May. He had made a move in the softest part of the race.

Great work but he simply wasn't going to be good enough.

Dornoch is a quirky sort, he waits on horses, shuts down in his works. He is mentally a quirky animal, that literally had a nightmare trip in the Derby from the start.

Dornoch would have to run the race of his life.

It had to be Mindframe. He was phenomenal on the first Saturday in May in allowance company dusting that field handily.

He had outworked FIERCENESS and expected to improve further.

I strictly had him on top on every wager, a big win bet, at the last minute I threw in a saver, I keyed 5 horses for $30 EXA straight on top of Mindframe. I did not use Seize the Grey on top, I didn't use Sierra Leone on top, and I didn't use Mystic Dan on top. I stuck to my guns on NOT using any of the horses that took advantage of the pace meltdown.

$163 EXA per $ 1. I went outside the box for a saver.

I was locked in on a number of races this weekend.

The Didia effort was off a big work and we got $20 mutuel.

Tough beat on Whitebeam being run over the top by stablemate Chili Flag.

Saturday, we had quite a few cold EXA boxes, Baby Yoda at $20 was a surprise with the cold $1EXA at $105.

We got Randomized home at $14 beating Idiomatic for 2nd double digit on Saturday, third in the last two days.

We got Book Em Danno and Prince of Monaco for a cold exa box.

Loved Nation's Pride in the Manhattan, he ran a very good 2nd to his stablemate at 5-1.

It had to be Mindframe, I was leaning back in my chair for the first half mile and then Mindframe made the move, got his head in front, 'it's over he's gone' doing the kiss of death of counting your monies in your head.

He starts to drift, he got lost in middle of the stretch, Dornoch is quirky but he fights back and had something left. He had allowed Mindframe to get his head in front before he re-engaged.

Mindframe had to refocus and made another run a little too late.

My fat ass doesn't blame jockeys, because the only horse i would be sitting on top of is one of those you need a quarter outside the grocery store.

I thought the sheet was very competitive and I didn't see many posting they had multiple double digits winners on the card.

At Saratoga over the years I have had a slew of $20 winners, and higher. So, this wasn't new.

I am looking forward to the main meet at Saratoga and Del Mar. We will be doing the same thing at both tracks we do every year.

We have a blueprint, all we need is a little luck.


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