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Do or Do Not

Master Yoda told Luke Skywalker, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, "Do, or do not, there is no try"

Horseplayers are a bunch, I tell you. They try, they do not do.

One of my favorite Handicappers cry is when their horses are scratched without even caring why, for starters.

Laurel River won the Dubai World Cup in 2024.

Laurel River was a wiseguy horse heading into the November 5, 2022 Breeders Cup Mile at Keeneland, but was a scratch by the vet.

Laurel River didn't go postward again until January 26, 2024, 16 months later.

"He would have won that race, too'' said one handicapper, "I loved him that day'', delusionally speaking.

He wasn't in the race at post time, it's a moot point.

Seriously, he was scratched by the vet, so there was something wrong, so NO, he wouldn't have won that race, and adding insult to injury he didn't race for 16 months thereafter.

There was something seriously the matter with Laurel River, but horseplayers won't have any of that, that horse would have won for one simple reason, they liked that horse.

The logic from some handicappers is illogical jargon, a jockey is in a slump, and handicappers will say 'he's due''.

The illogic stems from their stubborn view of a horse they like.

If a horse is scratched by the vet, whatever the situation is, most likely saved them monies.

It's actually a good thing, especially when a horse doesn't return for 16 months.

The irrationality of horseplayers can be irritating.

Don't be the guy always making excuses, actually have accountability, be honest to yourself.

You don't look in the mirror and see Brad Pitt do you? Most likely not, no matter how hard you try.

If you lose, stop blaming the jock, then trainer, the waterboy, the water trucks, the gate. How about blaming yourself, you will be such a better handicapper in the long run.

"I played the value", that's another bullshit excuse for losing. The value is when you cash. Period.

Value players want to brag about hitting a long shot, they want to run around the track screaming, hopefully with their shirt still on, screaming 20-1s!

It's all about bragging rights and little about making monies. They want to look in the mirror and see Brad Pitt, which is somewhat creepy, if you ask me.

Handicappers who have no idea what they tout say things like this: "I am going to try the 7 in this race."

That's a dead bet walking, no chance. and then they wonder why their horse is doing a retreat at the 1/4 pole, that's just guessing.

I prefer to not guess with my monies.

For example, first race on Wednesday, April 17, at Keeneland, we loved how first time starter, Low Country Magic, was training, we were amazed there was touting on Razzle Red, the clockers pick on one show. What was the clocker looking at? he got beat from Keeneland to Versailles, France. Low Country Magic romped. There was no try there was do.

I honestly don't know what handicappers see, and they are often led down a bad path by listening to other handicappers, who follow rules from 1950 horse racing books, or are still stuck on figures and bias.

Those are prime for the taking, as in a parimutuel betting you need stupid monies in the pools.

Low Country Magic in an empty maiden race with a stellar workout report was laid at 6-1 and off paying $7.32 to win, many not sound like much but horses like Razzle Red went off at 3-1 and didn't like him one bit, as the morning line 5-2 favorite.

So if your horse gets scratched count your lucky stars, don 't look in the mirror and see Brad Pitt, see you, right or wrong, just do, or do not, there is no try.


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