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Catching Darby Dreams

We don't run our babies thru sales for the simple reason, we want to raise them as racehorses, not sales horses and there is a distinct difference.

We take pride in doing the right thing for the horse, we believe do right for the horse and he or she will do right by you.

As a sales horse, you need to start them on the track in late October of their yearling season, if you are looking to have them ready for the first or second sale in the spring.

Thus, you are asking a yearling, 18 month olds to start training on their growing bones, putting pressure on them before their two-year-old birthday.

The difference between now and 40-50 years ago, is babies go thru sales multiple times before they ever turn two.

Pressure, pressure, pressure on young bones makes them weaker. They are not allowed to grow, in fact, I believe you stunt a horse growth cycle by asking them too soon.

Some two-year-olds by the time they are done with the sales have bodies equivalent of a four-year-old grisly racing veteran.

So, I believe in letting our horses be horses until their two-year-old season.

I also believe in understanding our pedigrees, for example, Always Dreaming's progenies need time to mature.

Always Dreaming himself was a late blooming three-year-old coming along at the latter of the Kentucky Derby preps. He was also his own worse enemy. He was hard on himself.

I have three Always Dreaming, one of them is a colt out of Darby Shaw, an Afleet Alex mare, second generation Racingwitbruno mare, out of our late Taxi Dancer, stakes placed Juvenile.

Darby Shaw was a half to $150K earner Mizzen Max.

Here he is in March 4th gallop. "The best thing about him is his mind'' said his farm trainer Reyes Hernandez, at Classic Bloodstock.

We have only two shares left of the Kentucky bred, as he prepares to go Al Stall, Jr, sometime this summer for a fall debut, playing to our understanding of the pedigree.

Pedigree download

Always Dreaming-Darby Shaw.jpeg
Download PDF • 99KB

We prepare our two-year-olds for a racing career, not the sales. It makes perfectly sound sense to have a sound, fresh juvenile.

Racingwithbruno career record with bloodstock hovers around at 20%, the results can be found at under owners.

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