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Big Day!

For the past 7-8 years, a guy from Saratoga Springs, always texts me on the eve of a classic racing weekend "BIG DAY".

Every Kentucky Oaks and Derby weekend, Matt writes ''BIG DAY''

Well, No, Matt isn't Sherlock Holmes, it's elementary what he is professing, which is the excitement of horseplayers about those 'big days'.

Sherlock Holmes, himself, would have replied "You know my methods, Watson" by text, and he would be right on the monies.

Handicappers can stray from their bread and butter on them 'Big Days', them 'big days' need to be handled like any other day in their approach to the races!

Pick winners!

Handicappers get caught in the braggadocios handicapping style of picking bombs, so they can brag about a big price on a 'big day'.

That's the last thing I shoot for, just because a horse is 30-1, first of all, is the horse going to be 30-1 at post time? These days you never know. The state of morning lines making has been well documented thru social media, podcasts, etc. to the point where I, personally, could care less what the morning line maker thinks, but horseplayer believe if a horse is 10-1 on the morning line, they will get a price.

That 10-1 could very well go off as favorite, then, they jump off because it is chalk and the horse wins and they get zero while loudly calling out they don't play 'chalk'.

My favorite is when a 8-1 or 10-1 morning line opens at 5/2 at about 25 minutes to post, and immediately the bandwagon starts emptying, talking heads are bailing out, but as the betting goes on, the horse drifts up to 6-1 unbeknownst to the player who originally made a case for the horse at 10-1 and conveniently forgot it for bigger riches.

All those who sprained ankles jumping off the bandwagon, now in clear conscience, can't climb back on, as they have already hitched a ride with the next best thing, at a price.

To their horror, their initial thought wins at $15 and they are left holding tickets on the next best thing whom finished up the track.

We see that all the time, daily, weekly, big day, little days, and it is usually the same cast of characters.

Big days can bring every Tom, Dick and Harry to have an opinion, and some trolling on social media for any chance to demean, attack and belittle anyone they don't like, for the sport of it.

Those are big days in a nutshell, but we love them, no, not the trollers, they are morons, the big days for the best racing.

Do what makes YOU successful. Don't listen to talking heads, as a whole, they just trying to get you to bet on their platform, it's all about generating handle. There are some wonderful professionals, however, I listen in to, Andie Biancone, Samantha Perry, to name a few.

There are then some, that its more like they were the voice sounds like of Charlie Brown's Teacher speaking

I tend to pick and choose when to use the mute button.

When Andie Biancone or Samantha Perry talk about their impressions in the paddock and warm ups I have the sound full on.

I recall when a two-year-old champion looked emaciated in the morning and heading to the paddock for an Oaks prep, the commentator was talking about how great the horse had been working and how great the horse looked before they even saw her.

I was amazed how they couldn't see it even right in front of them, my thought was they are reluctant to say anything negative, as this industry is really all about retribution OR be wrong and having to run and hide later. There is nowhere to run and hide on big days. Everybody is watching.

Big days consists of the best horses, best trainers, and jockeys, quality horses run their races and are consistent. Handicap for the best scenario for your horse.

This weekend, the Louisiana Derby at Fair Grounds, offer a great card. Turfway Park also has a very strong card on tap for the running of the Jeff Ruby Stakes, both Kentucky Derby preps.

The following weekend, it starts early with the UAE Derby from Meydan, Dubai, then the Florida Derby and Arkansas Derby from Gulfstream Park and Oaklawn, respectively.

From here on out its big day after big day culminating into the first Saturday in May, the biggest day, two weeks later the Preakness, and then to Saratoga, yes, the spa, for the Belmont in an historic, unprecedented climax to the Triple Crown 2024.

So, yes Matt, get your 'Big Day' Text ready. Let's go!


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