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Another Black Eye

Yesterday's tote fiasco has given racing, another black eye, the tote delay at Tampa and across the Eastern Seaboard on Saturday sparked an outrage among players, for the meantime.

These are some of the reactions from across the country, and even racings ultimate response.


The man is not wrong!

Dave, the voice of reason.

I can add one more, incompetence, but the racing fan was not to be outdone

I actually disagree with Mike, Mom and Pops usually have their shit together. Corporations are the ills of this society, with all their incompetence and self serving agendas.

World was a lot better with Mom & Pops.

Tote Delay is equivalent to calling a horse Slowpoke. No thanks.

The key words are "ONE of American Racing's biggest dysfunctions..." Bingo Bango Bongo.

Yeah, tap a number of outside computers to the tote and you may get worms, hence.

Even though every one had their take, we do have an exclusive from racing management in response to the Saturday tote debacle:

Well, as far as racing response goes, its better served at the bottom of a lake.


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