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In the classic movie Spartacus with Kirk Douglas, the Roman Centurion wants to find 'Spartacus':

'They' all are Spartacus.

'THEY' are legendary, they are uttered at every racetrack and OTB.

'They' like that horse today. 'They' are betting, 'they' made a score, 'they' put one over.

Who the F#@$ are 'They'

I have been on a quest since I published my book in 2005, Bruno on Workouts: Exposing the Mystery, to find out who 'they' are.

If I called the racetrack, would they transfer me, or give me a number, but then something occurred to me what if I or you, or them are 'they'

First of all, If I googled they would I show up? Awkward.......

If I called 'they', would my phone ring ?

I have come to the conclusion that is 'they' is us.

'They' cash tickets, and 'them' who are chasing who 'they' like, are the losers.

There has to be losers in the parimutuel world, so 'They' cash and 'them' lose.

Therefore, I don't mind being a 'they', I like it, we are 'they' when we win, and 'them' when we lose.

'Them' have a lot in common with 'Nobody' who seems to come in 2nd to a lot of good horses. Nobody pays his own bills with his 2nd place checks for somebody, as somebody has to own 'Nobody'.

If this feels like an Abbot & Costello, "who's on first" maybe it's a close second, just like Nobody.

The other day, I fielded some flack about Track Phantom, and who was behind him. I quipped 'nobody', the response was exactly from the source. He didn't get it and maybe never will, he is one of them.

We should all stand up together and say 'We are They'!


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