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Amy Kearns loves synthetics, she is our resident Tapeta, all-weather analyst, I have little patient for synthetics tracks, and I believe its from my time in California when the synthetics mandate initiated the demise of the Southern California product.


I am not a fan of the fake stuff, as a good friend of mine said after walking on the Del Mar newly installed all-weather, yelling from the wire "they are running on trash''.


He wasn't wrong.


I believe synthetics take the brilliant speed out of horse, Amy believes its on a case by case basis.


She scolded me when I was quick to judge the Turfway meet after one single card.


She asked me to put my patient pants on and let her take a few racing cards and get some intel on what works, and she was right.


I hate the synthetics, in her words "I love it'' Amy countered, she handles all the Tapeta races at Gulf, she plays Woodbine and Presque Isle Downs.


She is firing at 22% at Turfway with top choices, a track that many throw their hands up in disgust.

"I get so frustrated sometimes, and then I go look and we had 4 winners on top from the first 7 races."


Amy leads by example, she a strong 'office manager' and analyst, no shenanigans around Amy.

Her racing experience comes from spending 7 years in the Steve Asmussen barn working with the late Jess Jackson of Stonestreet.

"She is a good horse woman,'' Scott Blasi told me one morning.

No wonder we refer to Amy as ''the voice of reason'' and the moniker of 'HR", as in Human Resources, as she is so efficient in disseminating information throughout Racingwithbruno and staff to benefit growth.

She is one of the reasons why Racingwithbruno© succeeds, when HR speaks, we listen. 


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