Horse Racing

Our Mission:
To conduct a Racing Partnership that is all encompassing in the Thoroughbred world. We Race. We Educate. We Care.

Who We Are:
With the Works Racing focuses on two things – the horses running, and the people involved.  Horsemanship and Hospitality.  Every decision we make is for the good of the horse.

What does that mean? 

  • WE select the horses ourselves from operations & people we know and trust. Our team has decades of experience in watching horses.

  • WE choose trainers with whom we have professional AND personal relationships. 

    • We feel comfortable with them and they with us. This allows for exceptional communication because they know that we have knowledge and valuable input. 

    • Horsemen working with Horsemen who share the same values and goals. 

  • Our team has decades of experience in taking care of people – our partners. 

    • Weekly updates on where our horses are, what they are doing and what races we are targeting.

    • We educate our partners as students of the game. We believe that the more knowledge we all have is only of

      • We do zoom meetings about not only how our horses move and run but all horses.

      • We do zoom meetings about handicapping and betting strategies.

    • We provide monthly financial statements and are 100% transparent as to where every penny is spent.

      • All costs associated with the horses are available on our special “Partner Portal.”

    • WE organize outings to see our horses, go the track, big races, sales events, etc. 

    • Our network of people at various tracks around the country enable us to give you an experience unlike any other.

  • Good horses can come from anywhere and our expert team finds individuals that possess the qualities that make a good racehorse that can be competitive and earn. 

Partnerships are forming NOW.


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Bruno De Julio


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