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Spa of our Lives

Look up 'drama', in Webster's, and you get a picture of Saratoga as a definition.

Yes, you are right there was drama today at Saratoga.

No, Mother Nature actually gave them a break, she saving up all her wrath for the main meet, maybe as we escaped some wet weather on Thursday, even though it started to rain before the 10th race.

Oopsies, did I say that out loud, as long its NOT biblically related I think we are OK, no lightning strikes in the backyard, hopefully.

So, drama at Saratoga today kept DRF Grening busy.

Before the races started, this was not on my Saratoga Bing Card, as favorite in the Astoria was scratched.

So, Wesley was 'driving Miss Paula' to the pool. The Stews found out she left the grounds and they put a line right thru her.

I texted Wesley to see if he stopped by Hattie's for some Fried Chicken on the way home, he has NOT responded so far. Stay tuned.

The day was still young when this beauty came out:

I didn't have this one on my bingo card either.

I texted around Saratoga which fine establishment Dettori visited, the Hattie's manager told me he doesn't comment on his patrons, so I crossed that off the list.

Not long after that the announcement that Irad was off all his mounts the rest of the day. Irad is one tough S O B, and he, for sure, wouldn't be anywhere close to Hattie's.

Jockeys have this thing about their weight.

Irad a is a tough cookie and once again DRF Grening went to the TMZ wire.

I had Rosario running out of goggles but not Irad's foot injury on my bingo card.

I did have on my bingo card, speed doing well on the main track.

With so many favorites winning it was hard to judge what the track was really like, as the favorites dominated. The turf as always is a great source of longshots.

We did have Teta's Trotter on the sheet at $54.50 in the 8th race, also 3 top choice winners, including Caldo Candy at $9.80, we gave a push to the Maryland bred Studlydoright in the 2nd race, and of course, had our heart broken in the last with Limited Liability at 11-1 missing by wiskers, in a three horse blanket finish.

I never panic at Saratoga, there is always a score around the corner. You never know.

The Friday issue for Saratoga is already out and available. Saturday will be posted this evening, so stay tuned.

Saratoga Is like a soap opera, I'm sure we will have more drama coming up tomorrow and Saturday.


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