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Labor Day: Case Solved

I am not going to sugar coat it, this Saratoga was extremely hard, in so many ways, personally, and racing wise.

It all started on June 30 when I broke bones in my ankle and tore some ligaments walking the dogs. I stepped into a gopher hole and pulled up lame, the day before I drove 14 hours to Saratoga Springs.

It set the tone for the meet, I felt I was playing catch up.

Additionally, we had been working on a three-year investigation that can lead to the civil and possible criminal prosecution of an individual who was stealing our products and selling to clients.

What we uncovered, from A to Z, the level of wrongdoing and dishonesty, would shock most of you, and our products weren't the only ones, Thorograph, Ragozin, DRF, Handicappers Report, Toby & Donnie Winners Card, workout reports and more was also being shared via googles drives, including even one on Russian soil.

Yes, google drive in 2018 was located in Russia.

The theft of intellectual property is widespread, it is so simple to send to your buddies, but that is against the law and it is punishable by civil and/or criminal prosecution.

You also wouldn't believe how many of our former-customers were getting the products from this individual, without compensating the actual Intellectual property owner, and some of you are on this email listing.

If you are, shame on you.

In my past life, many moons ago, I was the youngest investigator, for Carter-Hawley-Hale, Pillsbury, Home Depot and other companies. At 27 I was running the whole South Bay -Torrance area in Los Angeles, and of course taking two hour lunch breaks at Hollywood Park... of course.

You understand, now, why we were sending out piracy updates and warnings.

We solved the case.

Cease and desist letters were sent and we are looking at our legal avenues, including filing with, the branch of the FBI for internet crimes, to received reimbursement and justice.

I want to thank you, all of you, for your assistance, as many of you came forward, and also cooperating in not forwarding our products to other individuals.

We did track down the individuals, who were forwarding our products, and to whom they were forwarding and whom those individuals forwarded to as well.

All of our products are coded with a customer account number, and, thus, traceable.

We hope to resolve tis case in full in the near future.

Racing Wise

Saratoga was tough with all the inconsistencies, turf records, main track records, track speeding up, slowing down... Weather, storms that created mayhem with the track. NYRA had their hands full, but the number one reason Saratoga was so hard this year?


FOR EXAMPLE, FROM AUGUST 18 TO AUGUST 24TH we had 13, yes thirteen, that is not a typo, second place finishes, 12 of them were head bobs.

On Travers Day, 4 in one day.

I don't care how good you are, that's insane and totally out of your hands.

Our luck has changed we had four winners on Sunday, and a good Wednesday with a big TRI of over $900 for a $1.

I try to not get too high or too low, with win streaks or losing streaks, and has much as we like it or hate it, everyone goes through them.

Finally, on a personal note, this weekend is a special one for me, my father, Angelo De Julio, passed away on Labor Day 2006.

My father, Angelo, was a hard working man, he worked hard to provide for his family, he was honest as the day was long and to him I dedicate this weekend as I do for each and everyone of your fathers who worked hard for you to be in the position you are in today.

Angelo worked for N.A.T.O, 25 years, and he used to drive his motorcycle from Napoli To Torino or Milano, in northern Italy to see the races, he saw Ribot in his prime.

Let's have a grand weekends and dedicate it to our pops.


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