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Most people don't know Jack about pedigree  Are you a carbon copy of your brother and sister? You may be closer to your mother than your father or have all the physical traits of an Uncle or Aunt, but very rarely are you a complete duplicate of a sibling. Horses are no different.  The industry refers to pedigree for what they have done on the track, but in reality horses run to their pedigree not their past performances.  The mental, and physical aspect of the foal is strictly derived from the family. The apple, most of the time, doesn't fall too far from tree, we have all heard that before, right?

A racetracker once looked at a father and a son interacting, and with disdain blurted " Larry managed to do something Secretariat couldn't do, he reproduced himself.'' It was a mean-hearted statement, but, on the other hand, kind of funny.  You can be by a Derby winner out of an Oaks winner, with an hefty price tag around the neck and be an absolute dud. I have read the works of Tesio, Roman and Rasmussen, to name a few. I do all my matings on my broodmares, but for the sake of this piece, I have to share. 

A few years back, I reached out to a pedigree expert, I had three babies that were moving well and acting like they could run, we had bought all three for a ham sandwich. Her response to my query about their lineage was 'putrid breeding'. I am not kidding, she said they were 'putrid'.  I couldn't resist to remind her a year later that all three of the 'putrid bred horses' were winners, two stakes winner, one set a track record first out. The second one, won first out and earned over $85K in her career, and the third won over $100K and was a stakes winner in Arizona. All there were purchased for $40K. They earned a collective $350K. I will take those 'putrid' bred winners in my barn anytime.  She turned her nose up at horses that were modestly bred, and some of the best horses ever, were modestly bred. John Henry comes to mind. Seabiscuit is another. California Chrome is the epitome of a backyard bred, by a sire who couldn't breathe, to a mare that nobody wanted.  So, when we look at the Derby we have a tendency to expect highly bred animals, and justifiably so, but not money nor pedigree can buy a Derby winner.  The Derby winner has to have the pedigree to handle the maturation process to peak on the first Saturday in May, and the ability through the pedigree to handle the distance.  Why was Justify so brilliant? He had enough speed in his pedigree from his second dam, Likeable Style. She was an amazon for Mandella in the 90s. He had her size and strentgh, his mare Stage Magic, was superbly bred, just never made it to the races.  His maturation process was advanced and he was precocious. His well balanced in pedigree with speed and stamina, along with a beautiful mind, made him who he was.  Scat Daddy, his sire, was laced with speed but he lacked stamina in his own pedigree, despite being able to win at a distance in his career. Likeable Style and Stage Magic filled in those blanks.  Secretariat ~ freak 

Labeled as a sprinter, being by Bold Ruler, but in his pedigree he possessed a freakish ability to handle middle distances to go with that speed. He was also very precocious, and that's the freakish combo, speed, stamina and precociousness.  California Chrome ability was questioned at ten furlongs, his sire, a sprinter, Lucky Pulpit, had been a sprinter in a short career, however, upon further review, Lucky Pulpit's mare Lucky Soph, was a half sister to Trolley Song, the dam of Unbridled Song. There was much more to Lucky Pulpit, than at first glance.  The person who settled on the first Saturday in May for a three-year-old Derby was a genius. The first Saturday in May is coming together of three-year-old classic pedigree and two-year-old precocious babies. Classic pedigrees are rising and maturing, while the two-year-old precociously bred phenom is past his pedigree prime.  All in all, it is such a fascinating way to look at horses, I am looking forward to share with you in our next newsletter.  So when someone tells you "don't know Jack''  about pedigree, you can correct them

Racingwithbruno 2yo Bloodstock Opprtunities

Racingwithbruno bred, Afleet Alex filly, great walk, good size, two-year-old. Go partners with me, Racingwithbruno, I keep a large % of the filly. She will race this summer. 

She is a half sister to Mizzen Max, multiple winner in NY and training Michelle Nevin at Belmont. She has also has two other half sisters both winners. 

The Afleet Alex and Mizzen Max are the best foals from a stakes mare we campaigned in 2011-2012. 

Racingwithbruno 2yo Bloodstock Opportunities

Racingwithbruno bred this Dialed In filly, out of a Street Cry mare, she has a great body and we have something to work with substance wise. She is correct. Partner up with me. 

Racingwithbruno has 4 two-year-olds this year, and all of them are showing promise, we have the best man for the job, as a partner, who handles the horses. The only way small guys can stay in the game is to have our own infrastructure. 


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